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The Treasures of Egypt (& Petra)

February 23- March 3rd: A trip to Egypt will unearth your inner explorer as you make your way through the Valley of the Kings and Queens in Luxor, gaze upon ancient hieroglyphics, trek through the desert, and cruise down the Nile, stopping at ancient temples just as the Pharaohs once did. 
March 3-7: Optional 5 night Jordan extension exploring the pink sandstone tombs and temples of Petra, spend the night in Wadi Rum, and float in the Dead Sea. 
Limited to small group of 10 travelers for a more exclusive experience.

February 23-March 3, 2024

Details coming soon!

Bhutan -Discover your own Shangri-la

Bhutan is the land of mountain legends, nestled high in the eastern Himalayas, between India and Tibet. This is one of the last untouched bastions of ancient civilization, where the vibrant whirl of the masked festival is very much an authentic celebration. Explore the happiest country on Earth in under one week without sacrificing any of the life changing moments you expect from the kingdom of Bhutan. Discover a country of smiling monks, stunning mountain trails, and iconic dzongs. The ancient traditions of Bhutan will beckon you to slow down, breathe deep and reconnect with your inner zen. 

Fall 2024

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