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Gifts for the jet setters in your life

The holidays are around the corner, it’s time to start making the gift wishlist! Here are some great ideas for you and the jet setters in your life. These handy travel gifts can help make life easier when packing and checking luggage, waiting for flights at busy airports, or staying refreshed while on the road to the big adventure. 

Apple AirTags

Find your bags and belongings with Apple AirTags! They’re simple to set up and use in Find my App. I add one to my carry on bag as well in case of last minute check ins. I suggest buying a pack of 4 for the added value, along with free engraving.

To purchase: Apple AirTags $99 for 4 pack, $29 for single

Paraval Packing Cubes

Who knew how much packing cubes can truly make a difference in a traveler’s life. It simplifies the packing and repacking experience throughout the trip. I love Paravel’s sustainable story and their storage system. Make them personalized and add a monogram for an extra gift giving touch!

To purchase: Paraval packing cubes $65

Mark & Graham Luggage Tags

Luggage tags are a classic gift for anyone who loves to travel. Made from vegan leather, these tags have a privacy flap and securely buckles to your luggage handle. Add a monogram for an extra personal touch.

To purchase: Monogrammed luggage tags $39

Priority Pass

Join Priority Pass and escape the airport chaos. Enter quiet airport lounges around the world, then sit back and relax with complimentary drinks and pre flight snacks. With 1300 + airport experiences, some lounges even offer spa treatments and massage rooms. 

To purchase: Priority Pass  Annual memberships range from $99 to $429. 

Clutch Phone Charger

Ready to charge your phone in the airport and the chargers are either in use or broken? Avoid that stress and carry a lightweight portable phone charger. There are many great options but I love the size and weight of the Clutch.

To purchase: Clutch phone charger starting at $49.99

Aesop Departure Kit

We all know how taxing travel can be on our bodies. With this carry-on sized Departure Kit by Aesop, arrive refreshed and ready to go with seven essentials that cleanse, moisturize, and maintain hydration for the skin, and protect oral hygiene.

To purchase: Departure kit by Aesop  $60

Bose Headphones

No need to listen to the roar of the engines or the chatty passengers behind you, kit up with a pair of Bose noise canceling headphones for a much more calming flight experience. 

To purchase: Bose Noise canceling headphones and earbuds starting at $199

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