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Immerse yourself in your family tree!🍎

My son and I just returned from a special trip that was inspired by my New Year’s resolution, exploring my family tree in Eastern Europe. We visited local landmarks and historical sites. We were able to immerse ourselves in the culture and traditions of our ancestors. It was incredible to sit back and talk with the locals and learn about their lives, the trials they overcame throughout history, and their accomplishments. Observing the unique connections that bind us to our shared heritage was truly a heartwarming experience and inspired us in many ways. I soon became fast friends with my travel network in Eastern Europe which helped make these connections happen for us and for you. It was an impactful trip. When we returned home, I broke out the rolling pin and made those homemade perogies my family took great pride in preparing as I was growing up.🧑‍🍳 Next up, we’ll preserve our traditions and share our experiences with a digital album. 

Creative ways to explore your genealogy

This past spring I was lucky to tie in another opportunity to learn more about my family history on a river cruise on the Danube. The beauty of a river cruise; you can get off the boat and explore the enchanting villages at your own pace. Once in our destination, I was able to do a deep genealogy dive. Of course, you just need to be back on the boat in time for departure! There are many paths to travel and my New Year’s resolution to explore my genealogy has filled my soul in more ways than I could have imagined. You may learn the apple truly doesn’t fall far from the tree.  Through my preferred partners around the globe, we can set up a genealogy project with the help of a personal guide. Are you ready to explore and learn more about your family tree?

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