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Lindblad Expeditions

Cold Water Immersion

Wellness travel experiences have become a priority for so many people now that the world is fully opening again.  Let’s jump in and begin a discussion about cold water immersion. What is cold water immersion? It can be an ice bath, a cold shower, cryotherapy, or plunges. Cold water therapy is on the rise and has countless health benefits that can transform your life. Recently I had the opportunity to do a polar plunge in Antarctica with Lindblad Expeditions. Wondering how my body would react to sudden freezing temperatures, I became determined yet anxious. A doctor that I befriended on the National Geographic Resolution reminded all of us the risks involved right before our plunge. (Side note, he ended up doing the plunge as well.) The power of cold is real and science is starting to back up its health benefits that affect the mind, body, and soul. These benefits are like a domino effect; they can improve blood circulation, improve cardiovascular health and promote a healthier heart, and boost your immune system. Cold water immersion has been known to reduce inflammation & muscle aches, reduce stress, enhance flexibility, and increase energy. The benefits are like magic! Of course, you should consult your healthcare provider before taking the plunge yourself to ensure cold water immersion practices can benefit you. Enjoy! I sure did. 

Mandarin Oriental Canouan

Inner-Outer Strength

Experiencing wellness travel does not have to involve purple lips and cold extremities. Wellness retreats, such as the Mandarin Oriental Canouan boutique beachfront resort have a different approach. The Mandarin Oriental is located on the Caribbean archipelago of St Vincent and the Grenadines. They recently launched a wellness retreat program called “Inner-Outer Strength” which focuses on both mental and physical changes through yoga, guided meditation, along with kayaking and hiking. Inner strength focuses on mindfulness, resilience, & character. Outer strength focuses on fitness, health & vitality. I toured this property last spring; the resort is stunning, relaxed, centered on 1,200 acres. I felt like I was on a private island. 

What type of wellness travel are you craving? Contact me here and let’s take the plunge.

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