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Why Use A Travel Advisor

Why use a travel advisor? That is an excellent question. Full disclosure, I have never used one because I’ve never needed to use one. I had the time, energy and passion to spend endless hours a day researching destinations, hotels, excursions, and restaurants. After all, it’s all at your fingertips, you can do just about anything online. So why use a Travel Advisor? Of all your life priorities, your leisure time is one asset you can not earn back. Much like financial advisors, accountants, & interior designers, travel advisors can add tremendous value. We help protect your time and investment (and earn you extra perks) when it comes to fulfilling travel dreams. How do we do that?

Travel has become more complex than ever. Perform a Google “destination search” and you’ll end up in the search engine rabbit hole. With a travel advisor, there will be no need to sift through hundreds of travel websites looking for that perfect experience. In addition to trying to plan and navigate your trip, consider the perpetually changing Covid entry and exit requirements which if not fully understood can really spoil an otherwise perfect trip.

Travel Advisors have insider knowledge and experience. We are constantly exploring, researching, and investing in training. Travel is our profession and trade. We have connections with top suppliers around the world including tourism boards, hotel managers, tour operators, cruise companies, as well as Destination Management Companies (DMC’s). No matter the question or the need, travel advisors validate your research and offer insightful expertise, possibly for those unforgettable moments you didn’t even know were achievable.

We protect one of your most valuable assets, time. It can take hours to search through destination information, sit on hold, and manage all the details of a trip. Planning a trip is exciting, but can very quickly become overwhelming and stressful. Travel advisors can do the heavy lifting and take care of all those details working on your behalf, allowing you to remain focused on other important things in life and dream about your time away. We save you the time and headache of planning and help protect the financial investment you’ve made with your trip.

We listen and deliver, fulfilling your personal wishes. During our consultation call, we listen closely to what you want from a trip. While a travel advisor will do the work for you, don’t worry, your dream trip will remain yours. Some people feel that doing their own planning is empowering. Some people want to hand it all off to me. You decide the level of involvement that’s right for you, this may vary from trip to trip. If you enjoy research and planning, you’ll have a professional partner. If you prefer having your advisor handle all the details, we can do that too. Either way, you’ll enjoy quality, customized service tailored to your personality, travel wishes, and desires.

Looking for more? Skip the lines at Angkor Wat, explore the Galapagos Islands with a third-generation naturalist guide, or see the Sistine Chapel after hours. A travel advisor can help set you up with unique, out-of-the-box, VIP access around the globe customized experiences based on your interests, objectives, sustainability, and tolerance for adventure. 

Travel perks? Yes, please. Most travel advisors charge a small design fee. You are hiring a professional, with a personal touch, not a search engine. This fee often pays for itself in the benefits you’ll qualify for when you use a travel advisor. As an affiliate of Virtuoso, we’re able to open doors to exclusive perks, credits, experiences, and amenities that enhance your bookings, you’ll get more bang for your buck. As Warren Buffet said, “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” A Travel advisor is invested in you as well, getting to know you and your travel style, aligning you with the right experience, all while delivering added value and perks.

With a travel advisor, you have peace of mind. Whether you are a solo traveler or a group of 50, you’ll have an advocate before, during, and after your trip that is just a phone call away. We help craft your dream getaway and stay by your side through it all. We provide pre-departure information, support while you travel, and assistance should anything unexpected occur during the trip. You have a well-connected and resourceful partner you can always trust at your side.

The next time you are ready to set off on an adventure, a travel advisor,TravelDesignsByNicole, will save you time, will save you money, will reduce stress, will remove information overload, and curate travel that marches to your own beat.

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