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Happy 2024!

Do you have a self-reflecting travel vision board?

At the start of each year, I often like to do a self-reflecting travel vision board for the upcoming year. This year, I’d like to invite you to create a vision board with me using this super cool tool called Wanderlist sharing your own travel bucket list. This free resource allows you to discover best-of-the-best travel ideas, add custom favorites to your travel wishlists, and share and collaborate lists with your favorite travel companions and me. Filled with inspiring Virtuoso-curated brands and experiences, Virtuoso Wanderlist is a powerful way to inspire and build your 2024 (and beyond) travel destination vision board. Wander over to Wanderlist to get started. Whenever you hear about some “can’t miss place”, get a tinge of cabin fever, or something catches your eye, add it to your personalized Wanderlist. We can work collaboratively to create a visually stunning and personalized travel vision board that reflects your unique tastes and preferences for an unforgettable journey. I can’t wait to learn about the experiences, places, and off-the-charts detours you’re dreaming about.

I have a very exciting year of travel in 2024 and will share it with you along the way. Next month I am leading another small group, this time to Egypt and Jordan. We can not wait to soak in the history & culture, sail down the Nile, take a balloon ride over Luxor during sunrise, and float in the Dead Sea. From Jordan, I fly to Amsterdam for my annual work conference with my host agency. We’ll be sailing down the Rhine, learning, making deeper connections with top suppliers and co-workers around the world. All this traveling, collaboration and coordination will help make your travels more unique and authentic.

Do you have a small group that wants to explore the world together seeking adventures? Let’s talk!

I look forward to curating more bespoke journeys that exceed your expectations in 2024. Here’s to a New Year brimming with opulent destinations, unparalleled experiences, and the enchantment of discovering the world’s hidden gems.

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